Leading Business Agility

Is your organization is trying to be more agile? Maybe you’ve had some exciting success on small teams, and you’re trying to adopt agile more broadly. Or maybe you’ve done an “agile adoption” and you’re struggling to get the rest of the organization to get in sync.

And it’s tough, right?

Let’s start with a simple truth: transformation is hard. There’s no single method, no simple plan, no proven roadmap to transformation. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that there are time-honored tools and approaches that you can use to set and achieve your agile transformation goals. This workshop will teach them to you.


Barry O’Reilly, author of Lean Enterprise, along with Jeff Gothelf and Josh Seiden, authors of Lean UX and Sense & Respond, share strategies, tools, and tactics to transform your work, increase agility, and create the business outcomes that matter to your organization.

These workshops showcase the models, methods and tools that Barry, Jeff, and Josh use to help leaders increase the rate of innovation and responsiveness in their organizations, create more effective organizational capabilities, and achieve high performance at scale.

Want to learn from your peers? Our public workshops are attended by some of the smartest, most experienced transformation leaders around. Join them and learn collaboratively as we workshop real-life problems together. 

What They're Saying

The workshop helped me put past experiences in context and set me up to tackle future challenges. I especially liked that the frameworks, tools & advice are grounded in the business-world-reality and not a dreamy wonderland. I can highly recommend this workshop and (almost) guarantee that everyone will take something away from it!
— Thomas Leitermann, Product Manager @ inovex GmbH


This class is part hands-on workshop and part masterclass in creating high performance teams and organizations. We’ll show you how to:

  • Lead continuous transformation. Stop seeing change as an event but as an ongoing process that allows you to compete in rapidly changing markets.

  • Understand how to apply continuous transformation to the critical dimensions of agility.

  • Learn powerful strategies and tactics for every step in the transformation journey, including:

    • Develop your transformation strategy, and identify the key obstacles and impediments to be address

    • How to frame your transformation goals for maximum alignment, autonomy, and success.

    • How to design experiments and deploy learning loops into all work activities related to strategy, planning and execution

    • How to build continuous improvement into your daily operational rhythm

    • How to communicate value, benefits of change over costs/investment

    • How to lead business transformation initiatives, manage senior stakeholders and pilot teams through the process, and measure progress


  • Become a better change agent

  • Create strategic alignment in times of great change

  • Articulate the value of ‘agile’ and agility in terms of their contribution to strategy

  • Create adaptable ways to plan and deliver in traditional organizations

  • Define the incremental steps to business agility in organizations

  • Enable executives to lead by example and to support a culture of experimentation and learning


  • Sharing case studies and examples from multiple industries

  • Creating opportunities to learn from other leaders. This is a workshop where you get to connect deeply with your peers and colleagues.

  • Working through the challenges you are facing using our models, methods and tools

  • Direct coaching and feedback from Barry, Jeff, and Josh

  • Creating opportunities for you to building a new network of people who are tackling the same challenges in different domains throughout the globe


In addition, each attendee will get:

  • A copy of Barry's book Lean Enterprise

  • A copy of Jeff and Josh’s book, Sense & Respond

  • PDF of all materials used in the class

  • Discount codes to ‘Creating High Performance Organizations’ online class at www.leanagile.study

  • Access to Barry, Jeff and Josh and the rest of the attendees via an online alumni community


This workshop is for you if you are:

  • An executive, director, or business and technology leader responsible for increasing the agility your organization

  • Involved in the digital transformation of your team, business unit or entire organizations

  • Coaching individuals and teams trying to achieve agility at scale

  • Have brought in practices Lean Startup, Agile or Lean to your organization but struggling to achieve results

  • A coach or consultant looking to sharpen your skills, and learn new models and methods


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