San Francisco Bay Area - Leading Business Agility, April 4-5, 2019

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San Francisco Bay Area - Leading Business Agility, April 4-5, 2019

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Join Barry and Josh in NYC for Leading Business Agility, a two-day workshop for transformation leaders.


This workshop is for leaders in any discipline who want to understand how people, product and process interact to create--or block!-- your transformation efforts.

Smart organizations constantly work across all of these dimensions. They continuously evolve their systems of work, their products and services, and their organizational design to radically improve performance.


Barry O’Reilly and Josh Seiden share their strategies, tools, and tactics to transforming your work and create the business outcomes that matter to your organization.

In this course Barry and Josh will showcase the models, methods and tools they use to help leaders increase the rate of innovation and responsiveness in their organizations, create more effective product development capabilities, and achieve high performance at scale.

Want to learn from your peers? Our public workshops are attended by some of the smartest, most experienced transformation leaders around. Join them and learn collaboratively as we workshop real-life problems together. 


This workshop is a masterclass in creating high performance teams and organizations.

We’ll show you how to:

  • Lead continuous transformation, stop seeing change as an event but as an ongoing process of continuous innovation
  • Understand how to apply continuous transformation to the critical dimensions of people, process, and product innovation
  • Learn powerful strategies and tactics  for every step in the transformation journey, including:
  • Why framing our vision, purpose and mission objectively is critical for alignment, autonomy and success
  • How to lead business transformation initiatives, manage senior stakeholders and pilot teams through the process, and measure progress
  • Develop your transformation strategy, and identify the key obstacles and impediments to be address
  • How to design experiments and deploy learning loops into all work activities related to strategy, planning and execution
  • How to build continuous improvement into your daily operational rhythm
  • How to communicate value, benefits of change over costs/investment


  • Become a better change agent
  • Creating strategic alignment in times of great change
  • Articulate the value of their efforts, ‘agile’ and innovation
  • Adaptable way to plan and deliver in a traditional organization
  • Define the incremental steps to business agility in organizations
  • How to get executives to lead by example, live and support a culture of experimentation and learning
  • How to bring people on the journey to business agility


  • Sharing case studies and examples for multiple industries
  • Creating opportunities to learn from other leaders, not just JJB (who know a ton of shit) but the amazing leaders who attend our workshop.
  • Working through the challenges you are facing using our models, methods and tools showcased in the workshop
  • Direct coaching and feedback from Barry, Jeff and Josh on your transformation strategic plan
  • Create opportunities to learn from other leaders and attendees not just Barry, Jeff and Josh
  • Build a new network of people tackling the same challenges in different domains throughout the globe


In addition, each attendee will get:

  • A copy of Barry's book Lean Enterprise
  • A copy of Jeff and Josh’s book, Sense & Respond
  • PDF of all materials used in the class
  • Discount codes to ‘Creating High Performance Organizations’ online class at
  • Access to Barry, Jeff and Josh and the rest of the attendees via a workshop Slack channel to continue the conversation after the training


This workshop is for you if you are:

  • Executives, Directors, business and technology leaders responsible and passionate to transform your organization
  • Involved in the digital transformation of your team, business unit or entire organizations
  • Coaching individuals and teams trying to achieve agility at scale
  • Have brought in practices Lean Startup, Agile or Lean to your organization but struggling to achieve results
  • Other coaches and consultants looking to sharpen their skills, and learn new models and methods