Transformation and innovation at scale.

Leaders today are facing pressure to increase the rate of innovation and to respond to rapid changes both inside and outside of their organizations. And as much as we know we need to do this work, we struggle to make it happen.

What makes it so hard is it’s not just about innovation. 

And it’s not just culture. 

And it’s not just process.

It’s all of them. Agility requires a holistic approach.

Sound overwhelming? It's doesn't have to be. Barry O'Reilly, Jeff Gothelf, and Josh Seiden will show you how to start.

Having followed Jeff’s works since the original publication of LeanUX and attending many related talks, it was especially valuable to learn from the real-world experiences that Jeff brought to the workshop.
— Mehboob Alam, Digital Transformation Architect

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Leading Business Agility workshops are designed and taught by Barry O'Reilly, Josh Seiden, and Jeff Gothelf. Barry, Josh and Jeff are all experienced practitioners, authors, and coaches who have trained business leaders and teams in companies around the globe. We love sharing what we have learned, and love learning from you, the folks who bring wisdom and curiosity to these classes. Come join us!

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